Elementor #4736

By removing airborne
nanoparticles and increasing particle sizes, Atmofizer’s patented technology is designed to deliver valuable lifestyle benefits​
Cost Savings

Increased particle size can significantly extend filter life in HVAC systems or other air filters working nearby, decreasing replacement costs (as well as wear and tear on components) and lowering electricity bills.

Air Quality

Larger particles enable lower-grade air filters to perform at filtration levels equivalent to higher-rated filters at the cost of lower rated, lower-priced MERV filters and create cleaner air with lower air pressure.


Extending filter life reduces landfill waste. Increased efficiency reduces energy consumption. Improved filter performance enables more effective use of washable/recyclable filters.

Conventional approaches have been focused on making filters tighter, but filter media can only be made so small before becoming difficult to move air effectively or efficiently.

Atmofizer Technology

reduces nanoparticles by agglomerating them into larger, aggregated clusters. Larger particles are more easily mitigated and fall to the ground more quickly.