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A500 Model One

A500 Model One

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Filterless, Sustainable
Clean Air Technology

Conventional approaches have been focused on making filters tighter, but filter media can only be made so small before becoming difficult to move air effectively or efficiently.

Atmofizer Technology reduces nanoparticles by agglomerating them into larger, aggregated clusters. Larger particles are more easily mitigated and fall to the ground more quickly.

Atmofizer is designed to:

  • Aggregate airborne nanoparticles into more-addressable particulate
  • Use acoustic pressure to cluster the smallest airborne particles and microorganisms - before exposure to UV light
  • Increase the size of airborne ultrafine particles
  • Not emit ozone, or use ionization
  • Reduce odors

61 m3 / hr
2,154 ft3 / hr

18x18x18 cm
7x7x7 in

2.09 kg
4.6 lbs

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